1154 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138

It’s been a few months since I’ve spilled the beans on anything, so here we go…

I’m a few weeks away from finishing my fall semester of sophomore year, and unlike most of my previous weekends, this weekend happened to be wide open. In addition to trying out Zinneken’s, I had the opportunity to witness the “historic” Lil’ B lecture a few nights ago, where the rapper humbly spoke to a packed lecture hall and encouraged positivity and happiness. I also watched the adorable new Disney animated film, Big Hero 6, which I would highly recommend to anyone with a heart. I do hope to blog more in the near future, and so I’ll restart my food adventures this review of Zinneken’s in Harvard Square.



Now I don’t know all too much about Harvard, but if you take the 1 bus down towards that place with the red brick buildings, you’ll find yourself near a quaint, little waffle shop called Zinneken’s. Seating is available, but limited, so don’t plan on going there with any type of large group. The menu is simple—they serve Belgian waffles and coffee. You can choose from the Liege waffle (“soft n’ chewy”) or the Brussels waffle (“light n’ crispy”) and then add a variety of toppings like Nutella, bananas, berries, whipped cream, and chocolate, among other options.

DSC_4662 To keep my brunch simple, I tried the Liege waffle with whipped cream. The waffle was the perfect size for me, though I could imagine that it would be considered small for anyone with a larger appetite. As described on the menu, the waffle’s consistency was indeed soft and chewy, but still freshly crisp on the edges. The skin of the waffle was caramelized, resulting in a sweet treat that was almost too sugary for my first meal of the day. The whipped cream was light, making it a pleasant addition to the waffle that was a bit dense.


My friends got a little more adventurous with their waffle ordering. Julia ordered the Fruit Delight (strawberries, bananas, and chocolate), and Cathy ordered The Sin (bananas and Nutella). Rumya tried the Gourmand (bananas, whipped cream, and caramel).

Because I went for brunch, I could have used a savory side of bacon or eggs to balance out the dessert-like quality of the waffle. The pricing is consistent, where each waffle starts at $4.50, and then costs $1 extra for each topping (even whipped cream). I would go to Zinneken’s again for brunch (or after-dinner dessert) if I happened to be in the area—the waffles are delicious, but not any more so than another good restaurant’s brunch options. 7/10