Wired Puppy

250 Newbury St
Boston, MA 02116

Working in Pittsburgh this summer while living at home has been wonderfully comfortable so far—my parents cook delicious dinners, I’ve caught up with old friends, and made some new ones. Sometimes I get stressed out if my cells at work start dying, but other than that it’s been a relaxing summer where I’ve been completely removed from the hectic MIT lifestyle. I do miss my college friends, though. So last weekend, I made a trip up to Boston to catch up with some classmates and eat good food.

I grabbed coffee (in my case, tea) with my old roommate, Justine, on Saturdaymorning. We chose Wired Puppy on Newbury Street because it had rave reviews, and a selection of gluten-free pastries for Justine’s gluten allergy. The café was extremely cramped inside (I don’t know how people can get work done in there), so we opted to sit outside.

Justine got a small pistachio almond flour cookie, and I got a rose almond flour cookie. Mine had an overwhelmingly strong rose scent, and it tasted like a French macaron condensed into a petite blob. Pretty delicious. Justine also had a positive impression of her cookie, explaining, “It was small but tasty, and I will definitely get one (or two) the next time I stop by Wired Puppy. I appreciated that they had gluten-free options—both fresh and pre-packaged—and that they had them separate from the other pastries. I have celiac disease, so little details like this are important to me.”

Now onto the drinks. Justine ordered an iced coffee, which she described as strong and fairly priced.  I ordered a Maté Latte, which was a strong green tea latte that could have used more honey. It had a rich, smoky flavor that was a little more bitter than sweet. With a sprinkle of cinnamon, the latte had a bit of spice that kicked me awake for the start of an adventurous weekend.

Although the inside of the café was small, the atmosphere of the coffee shop was calming. “While I was waiting for Tara to come, I noticed that the people who worked at the shop seemed to know many of the customers well and were super friendly,” Justine said. “There were also two or three people who brought their dogs with them into the building, which surprised me at first, but based on the name I guess it makes sense.” In addition to dogs, we were also surrounded by sparrows, and felt like Cinderella as they flocked around us for bites of our already bite-sized cookies.

Nevertheless, Wired Puppy has a variety of strong drinks and delicious pastries that I would recommend on-the-go the next time you’re in the Back Bay area. 7.5/10