Veggie Galaxy

450 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139

When I think of diners, I usually picture a retro restaurant with bar stools, booths, 70’s fonts, and a menu full of burgers, fries, eggs, and toast. Veggie Galaxy was down Massachusetts Avenue in Central Square, and it was exactly how I imagined a diner to be—except there was no meat. The menu featured mushroom and chickpea burgers, BLT’s with tempeh bacon, and Smoked Reuben’s with grilled tofu.


 The host was wonderfully polite, and welcomed us by asking whether we’d prefer a regular or gluten-free menu. Having a gluten-free roommate has made me significantly more aware of restaurants that acknowledge dietary accommodations, and I was happy that this diner was one of them. Since it was early, I opted for breakfast, and settled on their eggs benedict, which (obviously) would not include Canadian bacon. I usually consider Canadian bacon to be a necessary ingredient for the dish, so I was curious to try a vegetarian version of eggs benedict.


Instead of an English muffin, the dish used a black pepper biscuit, which had the perfect amount of flaky texture and savory taste. Honestly, I could go back just for the biscuits. Anyways, the biscuit was topped with onions and tomatoes, along with the poached egg and hollandaise sauce. The hollandaise sauce and runny yolk of the egg made the biscuit slightly soggy, but overall, the combination of flavors satisfied me even without the meat. 

Jen had the Mass Ave omelet, which had leeks, goat cheese, and sweet potato. “The omelet was very unique,” she said. “The flavor of the sweet potato went really well with the leeks and the creamy goat cheese. I definitely want to come back sometime and try more things on the menu.” 

I couldn’t agree more. Even though I don’t think I could go vegetarian for longer than a week, I wouldn’t mind going back to Veggie Galaxy again in the future to try another one of their twists on a diner classic. 8/10