Tsukiji Fish Market [JP]

I’ve just returned from my trip to Japan and Taiwan, and it was absolutely beautiful, both in scenery AND food. I’m going to break my Japan food posts into two, and start off with this series of pictures from the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo!


The fish market is the largest of its kind in the world, and a popular tourist spot for people who want to sample delicious Japanese seafood street food, and high quality sushi. Food stands line the streets, and restaurants are back-to-back along the main streets and their numerous alleyways.


We tried this grilled scallop with sea urchin (uni) on top! It was sold at a ton of stands, and you could see them grilling the scallop, dressing it with a savory sauce, dolloping the creamy uni on top, and then blasting away with a torch to lightly char it. Delicious.




There were so many people!


Other stands included crab, dried fish, and some unidentified items..




The most baffling stand to my mind was this fruit skewer stand, where they sold sticks of either six (yes, SIX) grapes, or FOUR strawberries for the equivalent of $5 USD.


I have a fuzzy memory of exactly which restaurant we chose for lunch, but there were so many advertising similar bowls of sashimi that we just walked into a random one.


Mmmmm my bowl of salmon sashimi and roe on a bed of rice (above). Mom and dad ordered bowls of sashimi as well (below). The fish was amazingly fresh, and the raw fish tasted like velvet strips of heaven.



This was probably just the tip of the iceberg of the Tsukiji Fish Market, to be honest. It actually opens most mornings at 3am for buyers to bid on fish at the wholesale auction houses, where restauranteurs and retailers may obtain their fresh seafood.

More posts to come! Keep your eyes peeled 👀