Toscanini’s Ice Cream

899 Main St
Cambridge, MA 02139

Danny spills…

I’m just going to come straight out and say it, I’ve always had a little bit of a soft spot for Tosci’s. I still remember the first time I went two summers ago,  the first ice cream spot I visited in Boston. I loved it back then, and I still love it now.

So when we decided to surprise Cathy with a Tosci’s run for her birthday and Tara decided to bring her camera along and document the moment, I lost it. Gone were the note taking, the careful tasting, and the harsh, callous judging. I was a kid again, running through the summer Boston streets to the best ice cream shop in the world.

Now I know, not very professional of me. But I really didn’t care. Toscanini’s Ice Cream, as it is formally known, is a staple of Central Square, its big, bold, white lettering drawing Mass Ave passerbys in since 1982, a short walk from campus for Tara and me.

I’ve been back to Tosci’s several times since that first visit, and honestly I’ve tried a different flavor each time. But for once, I decided it was time to stop searching for something that could beat my original Tosci’s experience. I stepped up to the counter and got two scoops of B^3 and never thought twice.

Bursting to the brim with brown butter, brown sugar, and brownies, the bi-scoop built upon Tosci’s rich, creamy base, breathing buttery bliss into my boring, banal being with every bite. Alright, I’m done, but as impressive as my alliterative ability is, believe me, the B^3 is better. (completely accidental, promise.)  It really is the perfect ice cream flavor, just creamy enough to envelop the brownie bits in a lather of sweetly salted melting smoothness.

My one complaint is that Tosci’s is a little on the pricier side, coming in around $5.50 for the two scoops. It won’t stop me from coming back, though, skipping down Mass Ave time and time again to my favorite little corner of Central Square. 

Tara spills…

It’s been a while since I last wrote any reviews or posts. The weather’s gotten slightly warmer since my last food trip, so what better way to preemptively celebrate the sun than a post about ice cream? A while ago, my friends and I went to Toscanini’s (or Tosci’s for short) in celebration of Cathy’s birthday. A legendary landmark in Cambridge, Tosci’s has been filling the stomachs of MIT students with thick, creamy ice cream since 1981. On our “101 Things to Do Before You Graduate” list that we received at orientation, making the 5 minute trip Tosci’s is one of them. It’s certainly not a hidden gem—even at 10pm, the mid-sized ice cream shop was still packed.


The thirty-some flavors listed on the wall rotate from day to day, but Tosci’s well-known flavors are almost always available. B3 (browned butter, brown sugar, and brownies) is one of the famous ones, and its combination of sweet, savory, and bits of chocolate bring the vanilla-based ice cream to an extraordinary level.

I tried a scoop of burnt marshmallow, which actually tasted like a burnt marshmallow oddly enough. Initially, the ice cream just tastes like the average vanilla flavor, but after a couple seconds, the distinct smoky taste of a slightly over-roasted marshmallow sneaks in. The scoops are generous, but at $4.25 for one scoop, it’s evident that the name is part of the price as well.


Nevertheless, Tosci’s fame comes well-deserved. With unique, appetizing flavors, and dense, creamy ice cream, there really isn’t much else that I’d ask to change. 8/10