318 Third St
Cambridge, MA 02139

Let me tell you about the MIT dining plan: It’s awful. Not only is the food unsatisfying, but as a freshman, I’m required to be the 19 meal plan that includes three meals a day on the weekdays, along with brunch and dinner on the weekends. Needless to say, my taste buds appreciate the opportunity to dine out every so often.


For President’s Day, my three friends and I went to Tatte Café and Bakery for a girl’s-only brunch date. A couple minutes away from the Kendall T stop, the café and bakery is absolutely charming. Pastries and cakes lined the walls and counters while glass bottles and bulbs hung from the ceiling as decoration. The menus were handwritten in chalk, and our table number was given to us in the form of a flower pot with the utensils and napkins inside.


The prices were on the slightly higher end, with most brunch/lunch items ranging from $9-$12. I decided to try the Croque Monsieur, which was a croissant with ham and gruyere cheese, topped with mornay sauce. The croissant itself was a piece of art, with its flaky, buttery layers toasted to perfection. Together with the gruyere, which is a uniquely savory cheese, the croissant and cheese melted together. The ham was too salty for my taste, which made the ham stand out for the wrong reasons. Overall, the Croque Monsieur was a unique brunch sandwich, and the faintly sweet mornay sauce was a pleasant addition on top.

I also tried the White Belgian Hot Cocoa, which tasted like melted white chocolate in a mug. Though the flavor was wonderfully decadent, the sweetness of the drink practically made it a dessert.


Rumya got the Traditional Shakshuka, a North African dish that was a pan of tomato, pepper and egg with Challa bread on the side. “So I had no idea how to pronounce ‘shakshuka,’ but the dish was presented beautifully,” Rumya told me. “At first I thought it was just glorified tomato soup, but then I broke into the eggs, and together with the toast, it was amazing.


Jen got the Meatball Sandwich, which were beef, pork, and veal meatballs served on a baguette with tomato sauce and pesto spread. “The crust of the bread was a bit tough to chew,” Jen said. “But the meatballs were deliciously homemade, and the pesto added a great kick to the sandwich.”


Cathy tried the Turkey Sandwich, which was turkey, dried cranberry, avocado, red onion, and mustard on brioche bread. “The sandwich itself was a pretty typical turkey sandwich,” Cathy explained. “But the brioche bread made it stand out, and it was my favorite part of the sandwich.”


Lastly, we all shared a generous slice of crumb cheesecake. Even though one slice was $6, the creamy dessert was worth every dollar. In comparison to most cheesecakes, Tatte’s cheesecake was not thick, but its lighter composition made the crumb topping stand out. A perfect blend of sweet and savory, I absolutely recommend the cheesecake to anyone who wants to try out Tatte. Overall, Tatte Café and Bakery has a lot to offer with its delectable food and its gorgeous aesthetics. 8.5/10