Taiwan Day 4: Hsinchu/Taipei

Because I forgot to bring my camera with me on my food adventures during my fifth day in Taiwan, this is going to be my last Taiwan blog post. I’m headed back to Boston now to finish up the semester, and I’ll be getting back into my usual routine of reviewing Boston restaurants. Anyways, I hope you’ve all enjoyed this series of travel food blogging!


太菊 (Tai Chu)
Address: No. 173, Nanda Road, East District, Hsinchu City

Now that the tour of Sun Moon Lake was over, my parents and I took a day trip down to Hsinchu to visit my aunt grandparents. Because they know I’m a fan of raw fish, my relatives insisted that we go to a local Japanese restaurant to indulge in the slimy goodness known as sashimi. We ordered salmon and cobia sashimi, which both came in large, thick cuts. Dipped in a touch of soy sauce and wasabi, this sashimi definitely tops the ranks in best raw fish I’ve ever eaten.


Another spectacular dish was the slightly-cooked salmon nigiri. From above, the salmon looks like a slab of baked salmon, but in reality, it was mostly raw with only the very top layer run past a torch.  


The rest of the food was also great, and included stir-fried udon, salmon fried rice, fish soup, baked fish, watercress, shrimp tempura, and fried tofu. Now that I type it out, it looks like a lot of food. But when shared family-style with none other than your family, it wasn’t too much after all.


黃Oppa炒年糕 (Oppa Huang Tasty Road)
Address: No. 3, Lane 131, Yanji St, Da’an District Taipei City


We went back to Taipei in the afternoon (it’s just a one hour train ride between Taipei and Hsinchu), and tried out a Korean restaurant down the alley. At this restaurant, they offered a long stick of meats and veggies that hung on a metal rod from the ceiling (think 5 foot tall shish kabob). But we didn’t have the stomach for it so we ordered a Korean beef hot pot dish instead that included a hard-boiled egg, noodles, enoki mushrooms, and other vegetables. It came with a set of Korean appetizers, and we also ordered rice with an egg, and a steamed egg (so many eggs).


Overall, my food experience in Taiwan was 10/10. Until next time, 台灣!