Taiwan Day 3: Sun Moon Lake

阿成的家 (Mr. Cheng’s House)
Address: Somewhere on a mountain in Fu Li

Continuing onwards with our tour of Sun Moon Lake, we had lunch at a family-run restaurant, 阿成的家, which literally translates to “Mr. Cheng’s House.” It was on top of a mountain, and the food was cooked by Mr. Cheng, his wife, and his mother. All of the ingredients were grown by the family, and the dishes that resulted were served outside under a pavilion, buffet style. Like the food from my previous posts, I’m not sure what half of the food today was, but I’ll try my best to identify them all.


My favorite dish was the 蘿蔔糕, pan-fried radish, which was fried and served fresh by the grandmother. Together with the savory dipping sauce, it tasted infinitely better than the蘿蔔糕 found at most dim-sum places.

Delicious vegetable wraps

I also loved these wraps, which was entirely vegetarian, and had apples, random veggies, and something that gave it a satisfying crunch.


Shredded guava with something sweet on top
Pork gelatin
Steamed fish
Fried pumpkin
A vegetable called jue lei
Chicken and clam soup

羊肉王 (Lamb King)
Address: Chongshan Rd, No. 65, Taichung

For dinner, we went to a restaurant dedicated entirely to lamb. Because some guests on the tour group preferred other meats, we were also served non-lamb dishes, but they definitely weren’t as delicious as the lamb dishes. Highlights include the lamb soup, rice noodles fried with pork lard, and lamb innards.


Stir fried wild boar skin
Another fish
Braised pork
Little chicken wings
More lamb
Fried pumpkin
Lamb knuckles
Lamb innards
Rice noodles fried with pork lard
Lamb soup

Like many of the other restaurants, I only got a few bites of each dish, but because there were so many dishes, I was full by the end. This meal was a great way to finish up the tour of Sun Moon Lake. I’m not sure how many more 10 person family-style meals I could handle.