Taiwan Day 2: Sun Moon Lake

For the next two days, my family decided to join a tour group to visit Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan’s largest body of water. On the bus, we were served breakfast from 阜杭 (Fu Hang), a famous breakfast place that supposedly has long lines every morning. We were each given soymilk and a 燒餅-egg sandwich, which was an egg sandwich on a savory燒餅flatbread that was a cross between thick pizza crust and naan. It had a mild, sweet glaze, and the egg was generously peppered with scallions. In Taiwan, soymilk is a traditional breakfast staple, and usually served warm with or without sugar. I opted for sugar in my soymilk, and it paired beautifully with the egg sandwich.


華陶窯 (Hua Tao Yao)
Address: 358, Miaoli County, Yuanli Township

Bamboo shoots (middle), sweet tomatoes, pig feet (right), tofu, meat

For lunch, we stopped by a restaurant in Miaoli, and were seated with other tourists in our group at a table for 10. The food just kept coming, and to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure what most of the food was. After pestering my parents with questions about every dish, I eventually figured out what most of the food was.


Pig feet (I did not try these)
Passionfruit pastry pouches

Garlic fried shrimp

Sticky rice with dried shrimp
Hot pot!
Pork belly (this was amazing)

In general, the food was mild, but delicious. Because most of the dishes were not soaked in a strong sauce or covered in salt, the tenderness of the meats stood out.

After lunch, we went biking around the lake, and because of my sub-par biking reputation, I opted to not bring my camera along. We took a boat tour of the lake afterwards, and it was quite peaceful.


埔里金都飯店 (Jindu Restaurant)
Address: No. 236, Xinyi Road, Puli Township, Nantou County

Dinner was a spectacular multi-course meal at a restaurant that specialized in serving each dish with fruit. Again, I have no idea what most of the dishes were, but this was the first time that I’ve had warm fruit paired with meat, and it was amazing. We were seated outdoors with gorgeous furnishings, and the sun set as we enjoyed our dinner with a bottle of wine for the table. The restaurant also brought us a charcoal-burned hotpot filled with seafood, pumpkin, nuts, winter melon, and a variety of other foods. The meat was thickly cut, and after we finished eating the food in the hotpot, we drank the soup broth, which was infused with a delicious combination of cooked vegetables, meats and seafood.


Mandarin oranges with egg

Shredded bitter melon with lian wu
Hot pot!

Beef with apples
Wild boar with sugar apples
Shiitake mushrooms with shijia pineapple fruit

Because there were so many dishes, I only had a little sampling of each one, but it was still more than enough to satisfy my stomach after a day of biking and sightseeing.