Sweet Cheeks

1381 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02215

To end the week on a full stomach, I caught up with Amy, Rose, and Maggie over dinner at Sweet Cheeks in Fenway. It’s a loud, lively BBQ joint that was completely packed on a Friday at 6pm. I had heard a lot of stellar reviews about their biscuits, so we started off with a Bucket o’ Biscuits, which included four enormous biscuits with a little cup of honey butter. These biscuits were indeed unbelievable—flaky, soft, and buttery. “It just melted in my mouth,” Amy said.


The honey butter was the cherry on top, adding a sweet touch to the appetizer that essentially filled us up before we got to our actual BBQ. “The honey butter was unique and the fresh, and warm biscuits made the experience even better,” Rose said.


For food, we split two trays of BBQ. On one tray, we ordered BBQ brisket with a side of coleslaw and broccoli casserole. “The BBQ brisket was my favorite!” Maggie explained. “I thought it had the best taste and texture—the flavor was just the right strength and the meat didn’t taste dry at all. I also loved the broccoli casserole, which was light and tender!”


I agreed that the BBQ brisket was the best meat out of the ones we ordered, but it was slathered in BBQ sauce, so it was tough to distinguish if the moisture came from the sauce or the meat itself.

BBQ Brisket Tray

For our second tray, we ordered a Fat Cheeks Tray, which came with a choice of three meats, and two sides. We tried pulled pork, pork ribs, and brisket for our meats, and got the mac and cheese, and potato salad as our sides. “I thought some of the brisket was too salty, so I had to eat those in small portions to avoid salt overdose,” Rose explained.

Fat Cheeks Tray

The pulled pork and brisket were fairly average and a little drier than I would have liked. The pork ribs had a smoky flavor, but they only gave us three ribs so it was hard to adequately judge them. The mac and cheese was a solid side choice, though it wasn’t extraordinary by any means—just your classic elbow mac and cheese with a sprinkling of breadcrumbs on top. “I thought the normal brisket and the pulled pork were pretty normal in comparison to the BBQ brisket,” Maggie said. “You had to put BBQ sauce on it to give it flavor, and it didn’t taste as good as the cooked-in BBQ taste of the BBQ brisket.”


We ended our meal with a Meyer lemon custard, which came with a crunchy honey pistachio granola topping and grapefruit curd. It tasted like light yogurt topped with a startlingly sweet layer of lemon custard and granola.

All in all, Sweet Cheeks is a decent BBQ joint. The meats aren’t super memorable, but they’ll definitely fill you up. The biscuits are the highlight of the restaurant, and I would gladly go back just to have a biscuit with honey butter again. 7/10