327 Newbury St
Boston, MA 02115

Now that I’m back in the swing of things, I can finally get back to reviewing the restaurants that I visited before spring break! A few weekends ago, I had brunch with Anji at Sonsie, a beautifully polished restaurant on Newbury Street just a block from Mass Ave. We sat at a table looking out of gigantic floor-to-ceiling windows, which provided great scenery while I took my time deciding on what I should order.

Ultimately, I chose the French toast, with rum bananas and caramel sauce. I was craving something sweet, and this dish absolutely hit the spot. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, the French toast itself was essentially perfect. The rum bananas, with a generous helping of caramel sauce, paired deliciously with the toast (as bananas always do), and provided the dish with a sweet glaze. The caramel sauce was on the excessive side—if there were whipped cream on top, the dish might as well have been dessert.

Anji, who ordered the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict, had mixed feelings about her dish. “I thought the eggs were poached well, but I tend to prefer my eggs on the raw-side,” she explained. “It could definitely be a bit runny for other taste palettes. The Hollandaise was a good consistency but a bit too sour. In general, I thought the ingredients (eggs, Hollandaise sauce, salmon) each had their own merits but didn’t go very well together. I’ve had much better benedicts, and although this was an okay meal, it wasn’t the best.”

Personally, I think that Sonsie is the perfect brunch restaurant to begin a day of Newbury Street shopping (or window shopping). The prices, in the range of $14-20, certainly reflect the location and the elegant environment of the restaurant. With the whole array of classic brunch dishes, Sonsie serves a delicious traditional American brunch, but is not necessarily a must-go restaurant for someone visiting Boston. 8/10