7 Cambridge Center | Cambridge, MA 02142

It’s 2014, and I’ve been home in Pittsburgh for a relaxing two and a half weeks, which included cups of tea, stacks of crosswords, pounds of shoveled snow, and minimal physical activity. In all honesty, any break would have been relaxing in comparison to finals week, which included cups (and more cups) of tea, piles (upon piles) of notes, pounds of headaches, and (less than) minimal physical activity. During those last few weeks of first semester, I did manage to find time to try Sebastians for breakfast, a café chain that has a location in Cambridge.


I walked over imagining an atmosphere akin to Panera. Unfortunately, my expectations were not met, as Sebastians seemed to have an awkward identity crisis between being a cozy coffee shop and being an average cafeteria. Though the place was clean and spacious, the decorations were inconsistent, with a pot of flowers here, and some modern circular ceiling fixtures there. The pale green theme of the walls sat beside the light yellow wooden chairs, and on top of that, the ceiling boasted a string changing LED lights.


Onto the food. A friend recommended Sebastians crepes to me, and I was pleased that the menu included a variety of savory breakfast crepes along with a selection of sweet ones. I chose a banana and chocolate crepe, and it was made-to-order in front of me. It took about five minutes, and given to me in a Styrofoam take-out box. As I walked to the cash register to pay my $6, the sandwich bar on the other side of the eatery, the premade plastic boxes of sandwiches and salads, and the retractable queue lines leading up to the cash register convinced me to label Sebastians as a cafeteria instead.

The crepe itself was nothing special—there were no dashes of cinnamon, sprinklings of powdered sugar, or even a real plate. It was cut-up bananas and chocolate syrup wrapped in a thin pancake, stuffed in a Styrofoam box.

If you’re starving and need a place to eat, or cold and need a hot drink, Sebastians has you covered. Otherwise, there is no need to make a special trip out to this eatery.  4.5/10

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