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A week ago, I journeyed over to the North End with Cathy and Julia to try Saus, a Belgian food shop known for its fries and sauces. The atmosphere is casual— customers order food at the counter, and the food comes in trays, baskets, and to-go boxes. To get the most out of our experience at Saus, we decided to share three items among the three of us. 


We tried the Poutine with a deep-fried egg, which is a box of fries topped with cheese curds, gravy, and an egg. While the novelty of eating poutine in America is exciting, the flavor of the gravy and cheese curds did not stand out as much as I would have hoped. Other toppings, like the truffled mushrooms, or bacon bits, could have been a better option. “The poutine was underwhelming, but I’m glad that I tried it,” Julia explained. “I can finally tell my Canadian friends that I’ve tried poutine.”


We also tried the Speciaal Frik (right), which was a hand-rolled beef and pork sausage on a roll, with chopped onions, curry ketchup, and house mayo. The combination of those two sauces atop the sausage made the frik amazing. It tasted like a meatier, more flavorful hot dog. 

Our third item was the BBQ One Sandwich (left), which was rubbed pork belly, BBQ sauce, and mesclun greens on a roll. The pork was a bit dry, and the sandwich just tasted like an average BBQ sandwich. 


The best part of our lunch was the extra side of fries that we got with our two sandwiches. “They were crisp, well-seasoned, and not too oily— everything fries should be.” We ordered the Truffle Ketchup (white truffle oil, housemade ketchup) and Vampire Slayer (roasted garlic, roasted garlic oil, housemade mayo) dipping sauces to go with our fries. While the Vampire Slayer was a bit too thick and garlic-y for my liking, the Truffle Ketchup sauce was divine. “If I ever go back, I’ll definitely just be getting fries and a ton of sauces.” Well said. 8/10

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