381 Summer St. | Somerville, MA 02144

Spring semester finished up last week, so right now I’m catching up on all the blog posts that I meant to post during the semester. This summer, I’ll be interning in Pittsburgh, so I’m hoping to blog about Pittsburgh food, and also try my hand at blogging recipes!

Anywho, sometime in March, my 20.109 lab partner, Krystal, suggested that we take a trip to Davis Square to try out Rosebud, an American comfort food diner-esque restaurant. But before I start talking about the food, I have to give Krystal a shoutout for being the coolest lab partner ever. You can read our experiences about failing to create a solar cell and attempting to cure wrinkles on our lab class’s blog.

At the restaurant, we decided to split our entrees so that we could each get the full experience. Of course, we had to get the Texas Rachel in a Skirt, which is the sandwich that Rosebud is famous for. It was smoked brisket, BBQ onions, and horseradish wonder sauce on rye, and a thin layer of griddled cheese encircled one face of the sandwich. I thought that the sandwich was phenomenal, with the crispy cheese skirt perfectly complementing the juicy brisket inside.

We also ordered a half order of BBQ ribs, which were quite a disappointment. The sauce was relatively average, and the ribs themselves were terribly dry.

Krystal felt similarly about much of our food adventure: “The cheese skirt on the Texas Rachel was definitely the most memorable part of the sandwich,” she explained. “The crispy bits at the edge and the gooey bits oozing out were a lot of fun to peel off and eat alongside the actual sandwich itself, which I thought was also really satisfying as it managed to balance the smokiness and fattiness of the brisket with the bite of the horseradish sauce and the creaminess of the cole slaw in each bite. The ribs, on the other hand, which had been highly recommended by the waiter, were less memorable and kind of dry, which made me sad because I hadn’t had good barbecue in a while. But that’s ok, I came for the cheese skirt because cheese is the greatest thing ever and I would happily stuff my face with the brisket sandwich again.”

Overall, I’d gladly go back for another serving of the Texas Rachel, but I would be wary trying those ribs again. 7/10