Plentea [SF]

341 Kearny Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

Continuing off my last post, after we went to i’a poke, the four of us headed to Union Square to try the much talked-about Plentea. It’s a boba shop known for serving their drinks in these beautiful rectangular glasses!


The menu includes different teas, milks, milk teas, and whatever other combinations of those things that you can think of. You can also choose your topping to be tapioca (the traditional ball things), taro pudding, chia seeds, lychee jelly, egg pudding, grass jelly, red bean, or aloe. Technically, it’s not a topping since it sinks to the bottom, but that’s okay.



In order from left to right, we got the Sweet Taro Milk with tapioca (me), Matcha Latte with red bean (Jenn), Black Milk Tea with tapioca (David), and Oolong Milk Tea with tapioca (Thuan). “I found the boba to have a good consistency,” Thuan explained. “But both the boba and tea lacked of any real flavor. I had it half sweetened and it just tasted a little watered down and boring.”


Nonetheless, I loved my Sweet Taro Milk, and I’d definitely get it again the next time I get a chance to visit Plentea. I should have kept my glass bottle, because you can reuse it for a 10% discount the next time you go!