Pamela’s [PGH]

3703 Forbes Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(and other locations in Pittsburgh)

Woo happy new year, world! To celebrate, Dani, Kelsey, Kerry, and I made Pamela’s our first meal of the 2016. Pamela’s is a legendary breakfast spot in Pittsburgh, favorited by anyone with a mouth, including President Obama. He visited the place in 2008 during his campaign tour, and loved it so much that he invited the owners of the diner to the White House, where they served their famous pancakes at the president’s Memorial Day breakfast with veterans.


Pamela’s hotcakes (pancakes) are their most famous menu item—they’re crepe style with crispy edges and a soft, fluffy center. They absolutely melt in your mouth, and you can order them in a stack, or rolled-up and stuffed with fruit. I usually go with the latter, and order the Strawberry Hotcakes, which come stuffed with strawberries, brown sugar, sour cream, and topped with whipped cream. The best part is eating the crispy edges, but the rest of the dish is just as wonderful (though it can be a bit of a sugar overload that early in the morning).



Kelsey and Dani both ordered the Spinach and Feta Omelet, which came with a side of Lyonnaise potatoes and toast. Almost as incredible as the hotcakes, the Lyonnaise potatoes are deliciously seasoned (it’s hard not to steal a few bites of them). “Pamela’s is a Pittsburgh staple!” Dani said. “I go several times every time I’m in the ‘Burgh.”


Kerry ordered a Sausage and Cheese Omelet, also served with potatoes and toast.

All in all, Pamela’s is the place to go if you ever find yourself in Pittsburgh. It’s very reasonably priced for the quality of food, but do beware that it’s cash-only. “The breakfast is amazing!” Kelsey said. “You can never go wrong with their pancakes or omelets! Every Pamela’s in the city has a fun and friendly atmosphere.”