Beantown Taqueria

245 Massachusetts Ave. | Cambridge, MA 02139

With the passage of the negative wind chill days, 30 degrees felt relatively warm. Unfortunately, I could still see my breath, so a warm plate of Mexican food seemed to be the best

The Friendly Toast

1 Kendall Square, b3101 | Cambridge, MA 02139

MIT has IAP (Independent Activities Period) all of January, which gives students an entire month to take a class, find a month-long internship, do research, or just stay at home. For me,


7 Cambridge Center | Cambridge, MA 02142

It’s 2014, and I’ve been home in Pittsburgh for a relaxing two and a half weeks, which included cups of tea, stacks of crosswords, pounds of shoveled snow, and minimal physical activity. In


20 Carleton St. | Cambridge, MA 02139

Pittsburgh is similar to Boston in terms of weather, so the dropping temperatures aren’t too alarming for me. But for a solid handful of my west-coast/warm-region classmates, the 40 degree fall weather is

Area Four

 500 Technology Square | Cambridge, MA 02139

The sick bug that had been going around campus for the past few weeks finally caught up to me on Tuesday. With a mild fever and a pounding headache, I only crawled out

Flour Bakery

190 Massachusetts Ave | Cambridge, MA 02139

Tara spills…

I survived ten academic weeks, so I figured that Friday morning Flour would be an appropriate way to celebrate. Well technically, I almost survived ten weeks, since I had yet to