Oreos and Joe-Joe’s [product review]

What could be more exciting than the start of another semester? Well, the introduction of two new limited edition Oreo flavors is certainly up there. 

To celebrate the beginning of spring semester at MIT, I decided to have a sandwich-crème cookie tasting week. Why not just say Oreo tasting week? Well, I also stopped by Trader Joe’s and picked up some Joe-Joe’s, so it was not a week exclusively dedicated to Oreo’s, but instead to the general category of “sandwich-crème cookies.”

On my list of sandwich-crème cookie taste trials were: Marshmellow Crispy Oreos, Cookie Dough Oreos, Gluten-Free Chocolate Vanilla Joe-Joe’s, and Vanilla Joe-Joe’s.

First, for the disappointing news: the Cookie Dough Oreos did not taste like cookie dough. At all. The crème part looked convincing with its beige-brown color, and mini chocolate chips, but it simply did not live up to the expectation of cookie dough. It tastes like brown sugar and caramel trying to be a cookie, and was slightly too sweet for me.

The Marshmallow Crispy Oreo, on the other hand, was more delectable. The crème tasted like marshmallow, and sandwiched between vanilla cookies, the Oreo tasted like a crunchy vanilla marshmallow. I understand that it should have tasted like a rice-krispie treat, but there was barely enough “crispy” in the crème to come to that flavor. Overall, the cookie was enjoyable, though certainly not a substitute for a rice-krispie treat.

The Vanilla Joe-Joe’s from Trader Joe’s, however, were significantly better than either of the new Oreos I tried. The cookie part was almost akin to a light shortbread, and the crème part was actually creamy. Dotted with “real vanilla bean speckles,” the crème did not have the artificial taste of Oreo crème either.


Since my roommate has a gluten allergy, I also got Gluten-Free Chocolate Vanilla Joe-Joe’s from Trader Joe’s. The crème is again superior to normal Oreo crème, and the gluten-free cookie actually does not taste all too different from a normal chocolate cookie. Because of its gluten-free nature, the aftertaste of the cookie has a slightly grainy texture, but the flavor is barely different.

Verdict? Joe-Joe’s are better than normal Oreo’s. Cookie Dough Oreos are not worth your time. Marshmallow Crispy Oreos are essentially marshmallow-flavored Oreos.