Neighborhoods Cafe

96 Peterborough St
Boston, MA 02215

This past weekend, Annie and I went out to the Fenway area to see a press screening of Pan! To make a trip out of it, we decided on getting breakfast beforehand. I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to find a place open on a Saturday at 9am, but alas we stumbled upon Neighborhoods Coffee and Crepes.  


The cafe is adorably quaint, where you order at the counter and hope that there’s a seat available. The crepe menu is quite extensive, and includes sweet crepes, savory crepes, and breakfast crepes too! I got a little flustered looking at all the options, and decided on a Sweet Simplicity crepe, which had Belgian chocolate hazelnut spread (aka fancy Nutella) with bananas. It was quite large, and the actual crepe skin was extremely thin. It wasn’t too oily or soggy, and provided a great complement to my hazelnut banana filling.


Annie ordered a Turkey Bacon, Egg and Cheese crepe, which included two eggs, two slices of bacon, and sharp cheddar cheese. “I’ve never gotten an egg crepe before,” Annie explained. “I really enjoyed this one, though. You can never go wrong with bacon, egg and cheese.” She also ordered an Apple Chaider, which was a mix between apple cider and a chai tea latte. 


I wish I had ordered a fancier crepe, since they have savory ones like a Croque Monsier crepe, or one with mozzarella, chicken, arugula, tomato, and pesto. Next time! 8.5/10