Naco Taco

297 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139

At the end of spring semester, Naco Taco opened up right across from Flour, but I never got the chance to try it out until last week. Nirvan and I have heard mixed reviews of the place, so we wanted to see what all the rage was. It’s hard to miss with its bold color scheme, lights, and spacious outdoor seating.


The menu is simple: There are tacos, tortas, and a few other random items like chips, frijoles charros or a salad. I went for the Cabeza Ahogada Torta, which was essentially a sandwich with pig’s head meat, bacon, avocado and tomato crème, dipped in a guajillo chile broth. I would actually describe the torta as “saturated” in the broth, and I got uncomfortable watching my torta get soggy as I readjusted my camera settings to take its picture. Anyways, the torta seemed relatively one-dimensional, and tasted like a pile of meat in between bread. It made me wish there were a few vegetables in it to balance out. It was quite large though, and I was only able to eat half of it.


Nirvan ordered three tacos: carne asada (steak, salsa, and cotija cheese), chicken (chicken, cheese, and sesame seeds), and torched avocado (chile black bean puree, chickpea crumble, and cheese). He seemed to enjoy the tacos, of which two would have been enough for lunch. When asked for a quote, he insightfully explained that he “liked the corn flour tortillas.”


Overall, Naco Taco is average at best, and I hope that its kitchen makes improvements over the next few months. Just because of its proximity to campus, I’m sure I’ll find myself there again at some point. 6/10