Myers + Chang

1145 Washington St
Boston, MA 02118

Life updates: I’m still in Boston, this blog is somehow hovering around #2 on Google if you search “Boston food blog,” and my portfolio is up and running for all the art and design projects I’ve been up to. Jenny and Nina were kind enough to let me turn our brunching this weekend into a food blogging adventure, and I’m excited to get back to sharing some pretty food pictures with you all!

Myers + Chang has been on my list of restaurants to visit for a while — the “Chang” of the restaurant name comes from Boston’s very own Joanne Chang (owner and ruler of the ever-expanding Flour Bakery kingdom). Located in the South End, the restaurant serves Asian fusion dishes, with a “Dim Sum Brunch” menu on weekends.

We marked off the menu items we wanted to order, and decided on six items to share family-style. We probably could have done one or two additional dishes, but six items between three people was definitely okay. Starting us off, we have the Sweet and Sour Brussels Sprouts, which were crispy, covered in a sweet glaze, and some of the most heavenly brussels sprouts my mouth have ever encountered.

We also tried the Fresh Rolls, which had herbs, lettuce, and tofu wrapped up with a spicy peanut sauce. The rolls had a pleasant crunch, but were not particularly extraordinary — they definitely needed the peanut sauce for the extra flavor.

Next, we tried the Grilled Corn with Sriracha Butter. Dripping with sriracha butter, the moist towelettes that came with this dish were extremely necessary. It’s hard to go wrong with grilled corn and butter, and this particular variety came with an added kick of sriracha flavor.

On the brunch menu, the dumplings come in threes, so we decided to try the Mama Chang’s Pork and Chive Dumplings. With an extremely crispy bottom and a hearty, savory pork filling, they definitely hit the spot.

Here we have the all-around favorite of the morning, the Green Fried Rice. I legitimately do not know what all of the ingredients were in here, aside from those listed on the menu (coconut, vegetables, and pomegranate), but it was an absolutely lovely combination of strong, bold flavors. “I would go back just to eat the Green Fried Rice,” Nina said. “The pomegranate seeds were a nice touch!”

Lastly, we have the Wok-Charred Udon Noodles, which came with chicken, baby bok choy, and udon noodles in an oyster sauce. I found the dish to be fairly ordinary and traditional compared to the other unique fusion dishes we tried. The charring on the noodles and chicken gave it a smoky flavor, but I found it to be a bit heavy on the oyster sauce.

“So many good flavors!” Jenny said of the overall experience. “I really enjoyed the brussels sprouts and dumplings.” All-in-all we had a solid dim sum brunch experience, and I’d be interested in their other menus as well.

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