Mr. Pollo [SF]

2823 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110

What a find— Mr. Pollo is a must-try for everyone in or around the San Francisco area. I’ll try to summarize the restaurant as best as I can in five bullet points:

  • $30 four-course tasting menu (appetizer, “entree”, a more “real” entree, dessert)
  • Tiny space with 12 seats or so
  • Must make a reservation by texting the owner at (860) 912-9168
  • Only available times are at 6pm, 7:45pm, 9:30pm
  • Cash only!


According to the owners, the menu changes every few weeks depending on the available local produce. It’s in a nondescript spot by 24th and Mission, and there’s this wonderful description of the restaurant outside its doors:


I decided to try it out with my three roommates, and so we each got the same four course meal, and shared a bottle of wine. For the appetizer, we had an amazing Summer Squash Soup garnished with sunflower seeds. Silky and flavorful, the soup combined unique flavors into a delicious brightly colored liquid. “It reminded me how great soup can taste,” David explained.


Next up, we got a huge chicken arepa, which was a Colombian maize patty made into a sandwich. The filling was decently moist, and the dough had a pleasantly crispy bite, but it lacked in flavor in comparison to the soup we just had. “Food is good,” Michael said insightfully.


For our entree, we had my favorite part of the meal: the salmon truffle with corn. Slightly nudging the pink perfection made it fall apart into thick slabs.


For dessert, we enjoyed a scoop of cantaloupe sorbet with a drizzle of basil and a sprinkle of sea salt. The basil worked magically alongside the cantaloupe, while the salt brought out the sweet cantaloupe aroma even more.


All in all, Mr. Pollo was a true treat. Sadly, this is my last month in the city, so I’m not sure if I’ll have time to come back. Buuut if I had to choose a restaurant in this city to visit more than once, this would be the one!

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