Miracle of Science

 321 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139

Tara spills…

Right now, my semester is an endless stream of math and science, and so writing for this blog is a pleasant change to equations and pset’s that usually plague my mind. Well, almost. The other day, I walked down Massachusetts Avenue with Danny to the Miracle of Science Bar & Grill, and alongside the loud, outgoing bar environment, there was a periodic table on the wall.

We were not given menus, but instead pointed to this handwritten periodic table whose “elements” were the menu items. It was grouped by food type (burgers were clumped together on the left; skewers were together on the right), and its “atomic number” was its price. From quesadillas and chips with guacamole to shrimp skewers and chicken sandwiches, the nerdy (but cute) menu encompassed a variety of American (or sort-of-almost-American) bar food.

I opted for the hummus plate, which was definitely big enough for an entrée, and included tomato, cucumber, and onions along with two pieces of sliced-up pita bread. The hummus itself was average at best. Though it had a touch of flavor, it was quite bland overall, and I would have appreciated a dash of seasoning.

The pita bread was actually more savory than the hummus, and there were grill marks on the backs of the slices. Together with the vegetables, the hummus dish was certainly filling, and though it may not have been the most spectacular dish, it still made for a satisfying dinner (I mean how could hummus, pita, and veggies go wrong?).

Since Miracle of Science is so close to campus, I’m sure I will find myself there again in the future. With reasonable prices, and a friendly social atmosphere, I’d recommend it for a casual dinner with a group of friends. 6/10


Danny spills…

I’ve been gone for a while. Lost somewhere in the rolling hills and warm air of San Francisco, far away from Boston and all its little food gems. Luckily, Tara has been here to pick up my slack, and she’s been incredible. If you missed any of her adventures, you can find a whole list of them  here.

But I’m back! And since two heads are more fun, or something like that, we decided to brave the brisk Boston streets I definitely haven’t missed and check out the Miracle of Science Bar and Grill.

The grill is a short walk from campus, just up Mass Ave. It’s looks a little small and dark from the outside, and to be honest as we walked up, I thought it might be closed. Of course I couldn’t have been more wrong; the place was packed, even on a Monday night, and Tara and I just managed to squeeze into the last empty table.

The restaurant was full of little quirks. The bar angled across the restaurant floor, taking up way more space than it needed to, but making every customer feel like he was smack-dab in the middle of the action. The lights hung low and dim, barely strong enough to illuminate the food on our table, but somehow that just made dinner all the more exciting. The menu (in the form of a periodic table) was handwritten across the wall, large and bold and enormously clever. Waiters, waitresses, barmen, and customers streamed through the tightly packed tables, and the music was a little loud, rock and folk rock anthems with driving melodies and stirring vocals (think alt-j’s “Tesselate”). All in all the place was fun, weird, and lively, a great place to put your feet up and let all your stress seep out of you.

In the spirit of the atmosphere, I went with something a little crazy, their famous Ronie burger. The waitress warned me as I ordered, a devilish little smile on her face, that it was “a little hot.” She was right. The patty was juicy and perfectly grilled, and filled with real chunks of jalapeños. The lettuce, tomatoes, and onions were fresh, and the whole thing was covered in a layer of pepperjack cheese and their special Ronie sauce, which, you guessed it, packed a punch.

I’ve always found myself to really enjoy spicy foods, but even for me, the burger, especially the first few bites, was almost too much. After the first few bites, though, my taste buds seem to acclimate. Or else they were just burned off. Either way, a solid, high quality burger, for a decent price of $11.50. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you. 7/10