Matcha snacks [product review]

A while ago, while perusing the Japanese snack aisle of HMart, I came across a section of matcha-flavored snacks. I am a big fan of matcha-flavored everything, so I wasn’t going to pass up these snacks. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s some terminology to catch you up:

HMart: A glorious Asian supermarket in Central Square that sometimes gives out free samples

Matcha (抹茶): A special kind of finely ground green tea powder with an intense, bitter flavor on its own. It’s used in matcha green tea (duh), green tea ice cream, and a smattering of other snacks, like the ones I’ll be talking about in this post.


I ended up with five different kinds of matcha-flavored snacks: Crunch Matcha Green Tea Bars, Matcha Chocolate Double Dip Pocky, Matcha Kit Kat Bars, Quattro Matcha Biscuits, and Matcha Hello Panda. I was not about to eat these all myself, so I invited some matcha-loving friends to sample them with me, and we had our own little Matcha Party in my room.

Matcha party!

Crunch Matcha Green Tea Bars:


These Crunch bars packed the most matcha flavor per unit volume, while still providing that satisfying crispiness expected of a Crunch bar. They were Dora’s favorite, and she described them as “very matcha-y.” Cathy also enjoyed these because it had the strongest matcha flavor, while being just sweet enough.

Matcha Hello Panda:


Hello Panda is a classic Asian snack that has flavored chocolate enclosed by a crispy, biscuit shell. Normally, it’s just plain milk, white, or strawberry-flavored chocolate inside. This Matcha Hello Panda wasn’t all that exciting, though, with the chocolate filling tasting like a white chocolate with a super light touch of green tea flavoring.

Quattro Matcha Cookie:


I had to try these Quattro cookies out because they looked intriguing, and I had never heard of them before spotting them in the aisle. It has four layers: matcha chocolate, dark chocolate, green tea ganache, and an almond cookie bottom. The green tea ganache was this strange green tea flavored gel that oozed out once you bit into it. This “green goo,” as Krystal put it, made these Quattro cookies her favorite.

Matcha Kit Kat Bars:


These were my personal favorite. It was essentially a white chocolate Kit Kat infused with green tea flavor, and there really wasn’t any way that could have gone wrong.

Matcha Chocolate Double Dip Pocky:


Pocky is a Japanese snack that consists of chocolate-covered biscuit sticks, so this Matcha Chocolate Double Dip Pocky was a biscuit covered in an extremely thick layer of green tea flavored chocolate. “I loved the Pocky because it’s a classic Asian snack from my childhood, and you could actually taste some green tea flavor, as opposed to just really sweet sticks,” Jenn explained. Julia also named the Pocky her favorite matcha snack. “I’m kind of biased because I already love Pocky, but i liked how thick the green tea coating was. It was sweet but not too sweet when paired with the cracker.”

Overall, these matcha snacks were a pleasant twist to the normal, matcha-less snacks of my day-to-day life. They weren’t life changing by any means, but if you’re a fan of green tea, I’d give them a try!