Mariposa Bakery

424 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

At some point during every East Coaster’s winter, any temperature above freezing suddenly feels warm. This winter especially. With wind chills dipping below zero, a walk outside that doesn’t involve your face physically hurting from the cold is practically a sign of spring. Unfortunately, my brief walk down Massachusetts Avenue to Mariposa Bakery in Central Square was still a chilly one. Thankfully, the cozy, wooden décor of the small bakery warmed me up.


I went with my friend Annie, and she recommended the hot apple cider. I’m not sure if it tasted as good as it did because I was cold and the cider was warm, but it definitely hit the spot with just the right combination of spices.

I tried the pastrami sandwich for $7, which was pastrami, Russian dressing, and coleslaw on homemade rye. Thickly cut, the fresh rye held the ingredients nicely, with the rye’s distinctive flavor dominating much of the sandwich. The pastrami, dressing, and coleslaw themselves were not extraordinary in any sort of way, and there was no extra touch to make the classic sandwich especially unique. The meat was not plenty, and so this sandwich is definitely not for those looking for their protein fix of the day. Overall, the warm pastrami sandwich was a satisfying lunch, but nothing extra special.

Annie got the grilled chicken sandwich, which had chicken, arugula, and cheese on homemade white bread. “The sandwich was heavy on the arugula,” Annie said. “But I’m a big fan of arugula so I definitely didn’t mind. The chicken was juicy and it went well with the cheese.”

Overall, Mariposa Bakery is a cozy bakery/café that I’ll most likely come to again in the future. It doesn’t seem that everything on its menu is a sure hit, so it might take me a couple tries to find the “perfect” dish there. 7/10