One Kendall Square, Building 300
Cambridge, MA 02139

After an extensive series of posts from San Francisco, I’m returning my blog back to Boston! It’s crazy to look back and remember that I started Spilling the Beans three whole years ago. I’m planning on continuing my food adventures in Boston this year as I meander through my last year (what?) at MIT, and my first stop is the new Jewish deli in Kendall Square, Mamaleh’s.


With a polished interior, and a welcoming atmosphere, Mamaleh’s boasts an impressive menu filled with classic dishes. An entire section of the menu is dedicated to lox (where you choose a bagel, “schmear,” and smoked/cured fish), and there’s another section listing off sandwich options that range from pastrami to cold tongue.


I tried half of a Pastrami and Chopped Liver Sandwich, which came on marble rye with red onion and mustard. Chopped liver? Yep, it’s a creamy spread used in many traditional Jewish dishes. I vaguely remember enjoying it once before when my best friend from high school, Dani, offered me crackers and chopped liver as a snack. Anyways, the pastrami was piled high, and the strength of the mustard masked the flavor of the chopped liver. But it still made for a delicious sandwich.


For the other half of my meal, I got a cup of Matzah Ball Soup, which came in a broth with chicken, carrots, and celery. Warm and hearty, the soup was the perfect pair to my sandwich, and I thoroughly enjoyed the matzah ball that had a texture somewhere between doughy and fluffy.


Vincent started off with Abraham’s Potato Latkes that came with sour cream and applesauce, and followed with a hot dog with sauerkraut and mustard. “The latke was done to perfection and applesauce was exactly as sweet as you’d want it,” he explained.


Lastly, Vincent ordered a plate of rugelach, which were small crescent pastries layered with with raspberry walnut or chocolate filling. I tried a couple, and the bite-sized dessert was like a delicious mixture between a cookie and a croissant.


Overall, Mamaleh’s was a pleasant experience. I feel like I only explored a tiny inch of their menu, and I would happily return to sample a few of their other items.