Luke’s Lobster

75 Exeter St
Boston, MA 02116

After a very long hiatus, I’m back for another post! So much has happened since my last post, including graduating, traveling to six countries, and starting a new job in healthcare consulting (wow real adult life what). New random hobbies have made their way into my life (as they always do), and to be perfectly honest, I’d thought about retiring the blog indefinitely. I just didn’t want the blog to become a chore or an obligation.

But somehow, someway, I got a second wind this weekend, and decided to try getting back into it at least one more time.

This weekend, I took my childhood Chinese school friend, Stacy, all around Boston. We swung on swings, walked along the river, and of course, ate copious amounts of food, where she witnessed the infamous process of me being embarrassing and taking pictures of food. First post of the weekend: Luke’s Lobster!

I’ll have to admit, this was my first time at Luke’s Lobster, and I was pleasantly surprised by the entire experience. There were a handful of tables and counter service ordering, and the best way I could describe the interior would be rustic wooden accents crossed with fishing town New England vibes.

Stacy and I each ordered the Luke’s Trio, which came with half a shrimp roll, half a crab roll, and half a lobster roll.

Each half roll is pretty small (maybe 3 or 4 inches?), and came on a deliciously buttered and toasted roll with a hefty amount of filling.

First we have the crab roll (above), which was so meaty and came prepared with melted lemon butter, mayo, and a “secret seasoning.”

I personally really enjoyed the shrimp roll (below), which was prepared in the same way, but with tiny baby-sized pink shrimp. A chilled, refreshing filling nested inside a warm, toasted roll? So good.

And of course, last up was the lobster roll (below), which was also dressed with lemon butter, mayo, and a secret seasoning. “There were so many perfect things about the lobster roll,” Stacy said. “The seasoning was so good, and there was just the right amount of mayo. All in all, it was the perfect amount of flavor without being overpoweringly salty.”

And here’s some more pictures because everything was just that pretty.

Aside from this place being insanely photogenic, the food was so satisfying. There’s slight sticker shock when you realize how small the rolls are, but after the first couple bites, that all melts away.