La Mar Cebicheria Peruana [SF]

Pier 1.5 The Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA 94111

I’m back in Boston for school now, but I still have a few restaurants from my summer in San Francisco to mention! I went to La Mar this summer by The Embarcadero with Elizabeth, her parents, and Michael, and we ordered a ridiculous amount of Peruvian food among the five of us. 

With a table right by the water, the atmosphere was refined and pleasant. We ordered lots of seafood, and started off with different kinds of ceviche — in order, classico (halibut), california (salmon!), and pulpo (octopus) — all of which were amazingly fresh. I’m used to eating sashimi by the mouthful, and so trying so many types of ceviche, which is raw fish cured with citrus juice, was like trying a tangy, seasoned type of typical Japanese sashimi.




We also tried a platter of with more raw fish, and I was practically full by the time we were done with appetizers.


I was itching for some meat for my main dish, so I tried the Cordero dish, which was a cilantro-braised lamb hind shank, with cannellini bean and rice tacu tacu, seco sauce and radish salad. The presentation was stunning, and the lamb fell off the bone with the lightest touch.


Elizabeth and her father tried the Halibut special, whose juices were dripping off the board:


Michael tried the Tuna special, which he described as “the best fish I’ve ever had ever.”


Lastly, we finished the meal off with Tres Leche for dessert, and my stomach somehow found room for it.


All in all, La Mar proved to be a solid meal from start to finish, with hefty portions, a variety of menu options, and food as beautiful as it was delicious.