16 North St
Boston, MA 02109

I don’t usually venture over to the Faneuil Hall area for dinner, but last semester over parents’ weekend, I took a trip over to Koy with my parents, Cathy, Katherine, and Krystal. It’s a modern, Korean-fusion restaurant with upbeat music and dim lighting, and we decided to share everything family-style!


We started off with an order of Korean Dumplings (Mandu) that were filled with pan seared beef and tofu. These were satisfyingly savory, but nothing extraordinary compared to other dumplings I’ve had in the past.


Next, we had an appetizer of Spanish Octopus, which was garnished with red pepper, spicy aioli, Kimchi spice, and cilantro. Tender and chewy, the added flavors of the aioli and spices were a welcome touch.


The Japchae (Korean glass noodles) was a favorite around the table, and it was tossed with marinated beef and vegetables. It had this curiously addicting savory flavor that combined so well with the beef and the other food at our table.


Other entrees included a whole fried snapper (above) and Hot Stone Bibimbap (below).



The Pan Seared Salmon (above) was beautifully tender, and served with an interesting crispy edamame rice cake.


Our last plates were from the Korean BBQ section of the menu. Above was the Galbi, which was a plate of Korean style bone-in short ribs dressed with a soy sauce and brown sugar glaze. These were pretty delicious, though there was a lot of sauce that it was nice to have a bowl of white rice to pair with it.


And of course, we had the Bulgogi, which was marinated bulgogi beef, vegetables, and glass noodles.


Lastly, for dessert, we had the French Toast, which were two french-ly toasted brioche slices with marshmallow and chocolate ganache. And then below the Coconut Ice Cream that was served with brûléed banana, cinnamon, lime zest.


The coconut ice cream was amazing, especially with the slightly caramelized bananas. Would highly recommend this dessert.

Overall, this was a ton of food, even for six people. I’m surprised that this was my first experience at Koy, given its quality food and my overall inclinations towards Asian food. I’d be happy to return again soon, and I’m sure my friends would agree similarly.