Kirari West [LA]

707 N Pacific Coast Hwy
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

I had a wonderful experience at my Sharp Edge Labs internship these past few months in Pittsburgh! Shout out to everyone there for making my experience so lovely. Right now, I’m taking a short vacation in California to mark the end of my summer. In LA, I’m hanging out with some family, and I’ve been eating lots of delicious, uber-hipster, California-esque food. Keep your eyes peeled for future posts about boba, Korean tofu, and a salad/juice bar.


First up, we’ve got a Japanese, gluten-free bakery called Kirari West. My freshman year, I had a wonderful roommate, Justine, with a gluten allergy, so now my eyes are always peeled for places that offer gluten-free options.


Sharing among the family, we tried a handful of different pastries. There was the Matcha Dacquoise, which was an almond and rice-based pastry with matcha filling. It tasted like a light macaron with an intense matcha (green tea) flavor. The pastry also came in chocolate, raspberry, and black sesame cream flavors.


We also tried the Vegan Mango Scone, which was a mango and banana puree mixed in vegan dough. Drizzled on top was a mango glaze. Like most scones, this one was compact, but not heavy like a typical scone.


Lastly, we tried the Farmer’s Apple Tart, and the Glazed Banana Tart. The tart parts of these were made with California rice flour, and tasted delicious. Like the scone, the tarts were not particularly sweet (as is true for most Asian pastries), with the fruit adding most of the sweetness.

Overall, I’d highly recommend this bakery to anyone, gluten allergy or not!