481 Cambridge St
Allston, MA 02134

Down and over in Allston, FoMu prides itself in serving “alternative ice cream.” By “alternative,” it means that the ice cream is coconut-based, vegan, organic, dairy free, gluten free, and kosher. Everything is sweetened with unrefined organic cane sugar or agave. AKA, it’s definitely my kind of place.


The ice cream isn’t bland by any means, and you can taste the coconut base in every flavor. I tried a seasonal flavor called Pumpkin Caramel, and for my sprinkles, I chose the organic rainbow confetti (what?). For starters, the “confetti” was worth every 50 extra cents, and they were some of the crunchiest sprinkles I’ve ever experienced. 


I poked Cathy into coming along with me, and she couldn’t stop laughing at the sound of me chewing my sprinkles. Anyhoo, the ice cream itself was thick, creamy, and much too filling for my already-full stomach. I’m a fan of everything pumpkin, so I had no problem with the subtle flavor of pumpkin that meshed into the prominent coconut base. 


Cathy also enjoyed her scoop of PB Mudslide ice cream. “For being vegan, it was surprisingly creamy and similar to ‘real’ ice cream,” she explained. “The coconut flavor was relatively subtle, while the peanut butter flavor was very prominent.” 


It’s a bit of a trek to FoMu, and it’s a tad bit pricey for the amount of ice cream you get. But it’s a nice change from the usual Tosci’s that we get from down the street. With so many restaurants in the area, definitely try out FoMu for dessert after a dinner in Allston! 8.5/10