Eden [PGH]

735 Copeland St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Kelsey and I have been best buds since high school, so now that we’ve been separated from each other in college, we always try to grab a meal together whenever we’re both in town. Lately, we’ve gotten into the habit of going to hot yoga together, and then finding food afterwards to reenergize our sweaty (though refreshingly cleansed) selves. This weekend, we decided to try out Eden, which is located in Shadyside on a street right off Walnut St. It’s an organic, locally-sourced, vegetarian restaurant with raw, gluten-free, and vegan options— AKA the perfect after-yoga brunch spot.


The brunch menu is entirely gluten-free, and it’s divided up into three sections: raw vegan, sweet, and savory. Of course, I had to try something from the raw vegan menu, so I went with the Coconut, Oat, and Almond Raw Cakes, which were topped with strawberries and bananas, and served with cashew butter and maple syrup. For those of you unfamiliar with raw foodism, it’s the practice of eating uncooked, unprocessed food.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with these raw cakes, but they were surprisingly delicious! There were three small, chilled cakes that had the consistency of a chewy granola bar. They tasted like a combination of coconut, cinnamon, and oats, and they paired incredibly well with the creamy cashew butter. I didn’t use the maple syrup too much because the cakes were sweet enough on their own.


Kelsey got the omelette of the day, which included portobello mushrooms, kale, and swiss cheese. I sampled a bit of her omelette, which was super fluffy and savory, with the thickly cut mushrooms being a highlight of the dish. The omelette came with a side of fruit and vegan, gluten-free toast, which Kelsey said tasted like normal toast.


Overall, Eden was cute and delicious— they even have icebreaker cards at every table with questions to ask your fellow diners. I’d love to try out their dinner menu sometime, which includes items like gluten-free pierogies, and a raw vegan white pizza. Kelsey agreed, saying, “I loved how Eden was ‘all natural.’ It was such a great start to a Saturday! The atmosphere was charming and comfortable and the food was delicious. Eden definitely proves that healthy and natural foods can be tasty and satisfying!”