Dragon Beaux [SF]

5700 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94121

I’m in San Francisco for the summer, so I’ll be moving Spilling the Beans HQ to the Bay Area for the next few months! I’m having tons of fun interning at Benchling, a super cool online platform for biology research. I’m working on an education initiative to get undergraduate and high school instructors to use the software, so if you’re interested in using Benchling for teaching, hit me up. On the weekends, I’ve been meeting up with various MIT folk to eat lots of food, which has been equally as fun!

Pork soup dumplings

This weekend, Jenn, Stephen, Alex, Jess, and I went to a crazy aesthetic dim sum place, Dragon Beaux. “Dim sum” in Chinese literally translates to “appetizers,” and so what happens is you order a ton of small plates and then share with everyone at the table.

Osmanthus Cake
Osmanthus Cake

The Goji Berry Osmanthus Coconut Jelly Cake was pudding-like, and pleasantly sweet.

Yam Bao
Yam Bao
Taro Bao

The bao’s tasted even better than they looked! Not too sweet, but perfectly soft and fresh. I would recommend the Yam Bao over the Taro Bao, but if you can, just order both.

SF dumpling
Sea Bass dumpling
Bird's Nest Tart
Bird’s Nest Tart
Sea Bass Dumpling
Spicy Seafood Dumpling
Five Guys Soup Dumpling
Five Guys Soup Dumpling

The dumplings had a unique combination of flavors, and all of them were wonderfully juicy. The Five Guys Soup Dumplings (Xiao Long Bao) comes with five dumplings, each with a different flavor: spinach skin with kale insides (green), squid ink skin with black truffle insides (black), natural flour skin with juicy pork insides (white), beets skin with beet insides (red), and tumeric skin with crab roe insides (yellow). All of them still had pork inside of them, so they honestly didn’t taste that different from the normal xiao long bao. But it did make for good pictures..

Shrimp Rice Crepe Roll
Shrimp Paste Rice Crepe Roll
Tuxedo Garlic Pork Belly
Tuxedo Garlic Pork Belly

Overall, Dragon Beaux had some solid dim sum, but be prepared to wait at least half an hour if you go during a busy time. “It had a very appealing set of colors in a modern, oriental setting,” Alex explained. It’s worth the wait, though, and it’ll make your Instagram as beautiful as its food.