Dirt Candy [NYC]

86 Allen St
New York, NY 10002

My quick trip to NYC this past weekend was filled with friends and food, and it started off with brunch at Dirt Candy, a vegetarian restaurant on the Lower East Side that completely blew me and Jenn away.

Everything on the brunch menu looked incredible, but after much pondering, we decided to share the Korean Fried Broccoli (left), and the Squash Biscuits (right), as our appetizers.

The menu describes the Korean Fried Broccoli as “crack in broccoli form,” which is fairly accurate I must say. They somehow made broccoli taste like Korean fried chicken — a beautifully light, crispy exterior drenched in a sweet and spicy Korean gochujang sauce.

And then somehow, my tastebuds were in shock again when we tasted our Squash Biscuits (below), which came with pumpkin butter and a yellow pepper jam.

Despite the several minutes it took for us to finish taking all of these pictures, the biscuits were still gorgeously warm and flaky, with a melt-in-your mouth texture that paired perfectly with the butter and jam. I could taste the hints of squash that were definitely present, but in no way overbearing on the flavor. “Best biscuits of my life,” as Jenn put it.

I honestly would have been 100% satisfied if we ended our brunch there, but it only got better with the sandwiches we split between the two of us. First, we have the Cabbage Sandwich (below), which came stacked with cabbage, crispy tofu, avocado, and kimchi. I’m a fan of anything involving tofu, and this creation brought my love to another level with the spicy mayo highlighting the rich flavor of the overall sandwich.

Lastly, we have the Beet Sandwich, which was filled with smoked beets, dill pesto, and horseradish. The flavors here were again particularly unique, with a huge stack of beets that were both smoky and sweet.

Fun fact, the menu price is inclusive of tip in an effort to pay their employees a fair wage, and after tax, we each paid a very reasonable $24 for this massive (and delicious) brunch. I would legitimately take a four hour bus ride back to NYC just to try more of Dirt Candy’s menu. Until next time!

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