Cookie Monstah

Boylston St. in front of Boston Public Library
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Danny spills…
Two chocolate chip cookies. Vanilla ice cream. Short, sweet, and over before I knew it. 9.5/10

Tara spills…
It was quite possibly the strangest time to come down with a fever, but there I was, in the middle of Boston, in the middle of July, curled up in bed all day. I felt the bug hit me as I was on my way back from the beach. As I dragged my feet out of the Copley Station stop on the Green Line with chills and a headache, I eyed the Cookie Monstah truck parked outside the Boston Public Library. I had made plans to visit the ice cream sandwich food truck that morning, and I wasn’t going to let those plans go.


So maybe a pile of dessert wasn’t the proper meal to steer me towards a speedy recovery, but it was the last pleasurable food I could enjoy before my 48 hour soup/rice/soup/orange juice diet began. The menu included about a dozen types of cookies and almost a dozen flavors of ice cream. I tried a Cookie ‘n Cream, where I chose a peanut butter cookie to go along with a cup of strawberry ice cream.


The ice cream was incredibly rich and creamy, with bits of actual strawberry. The homemade peanut butter cookie had the perfect combination of salty, savory peanut butter with the sweet sugary goodness of a classic sugar cookie. Although my go-to fruit pairing for peanut butter is banana, the strawberry ice cream flavor worked in harmony with the peanut butter cookie, and the cookie-to-ice-cream ratio was quite perfect.


Jenn tackled one of Cookie Monstah’s Wicked Good Sandwiches, choosing to pair coffee Oreo ice cream with chocolate chunk cookies. “Don’t plan on eating anything before you stop by Cookie Monstah,” she warned. “With a generous scoop of ice cream wedged between two fresh cookies, it was more than my stomach had room for, but I enjoyed every bite. The ice cream was full of flavor, and had a wonderfully creamy texture that tasted great with the cookies. Beware though—those monsters are hard to finish without making a gooey mess.” The heaps of napkins that accumulated by our sides were a clear indication of that.

All in all, Cookie Monstah is a food truck worth chasing after. Especially if you’re craving something sweet, it would be wise to look up the truck’s schedule around Boston and make a stop. On their own, the cookies and the ice cream are a 7/10—above average, but nothing extraordinary. Put them together, however, and the cookie and ice cream duo are an 8.5/10.

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  1. Justine McPartlan

    I just checked out the menu, and it looks like they offer gluten free chocolate chip cookies! I will definitely check it out before the summer’s end. 🙂

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