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Pittsburgh is similar to Boston in terms of weather, so the dropping temperatures aren’t too alarming for me. But for a solid handful of my west-coast/warm-region classmates, the 40 degree fall weather is already a slight challenge. Glimpses of conversations with some friends include:

“It looked sunny, I didn’t know I would need a jacket.”
“Maybe I should stop wearing flip-flops every day.”

My favorite conversation was when I was with my roommate from San Diego, and she pointed to a bag of leaves, asking, “What’s that?” She couldn’t wrap her head around why people can’t leave leaves on the ground all winter.

BBQ Seitan

For me, Boston weather is nothing new. But that is certainly not saying that I haven’t found anything new in this city. In fact, I’ve made the important discovery of the Boston food trucks. Pittsburgh has a handful of food trucks here and there, but Pittsburgh is more of a “driving city,” so its food trucks are not nearly as convenient as the ones in Boston.


For lunch, Danny and I tried out Clover, which was parked on the edge of campus next to the Kendall T-stop. The truck features vegetarian sandwiches and platters, along with a variety of drinks. I opted for the $6 “chickpea fritter sandwich,” which was essentially pita stuffed with chickpeas, pickled vegetables, and hummus. Service was courteous and quick (under 4 minutes I’d say), and credit cards were accepted as a payment option.


Like I mentioned in my “about me” page, I was not a fan of vegetables as a child. Even though my taste buds have matured significantly from my grade-school days, this sandwich still pushed the limits of my veggie-tolerance. Three out of four bites was a mouthful of pickled vegetables, and the fourth bite was falafel (hence the name, “chickpea fritter”). The tangy flavor of the vegetables complemented the savory falafel well, but I wished that the veggie-to-falafel ratio were slightly more even.

The pita was perfectly toasted, with a freshly-baked texture. Unfortunately, it was too thin to hold the contents of the sandwich for long, and quickly began to fall apart as I ate the sandwich. An entire falafel fell out before I finished the sandwich.

The combination of flavors in the “chickpea fritter” sandwich was intriguing, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a new (and veggie-filled) lunch experience. I will probably try Clover’s other menu items at some point, since its prices are reasonable, but I do not anticipate the food truck being my new go-to lunch place.

Overall: 6/10
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