Cava Mezze [DC]

527 8th St SE
Washington, DC 20003

I ate at some amazing restaurants during my trip to DC, so I’ve been scrambling to blog about them all! For Saturday brunch, Elizabeth, Ilana, and I went to Cava Mezze in Capitol Hill, where they had the option of $30 Bottomless Brunch (with 1¢ mimosas..) or a tapas-style brunch menu. We weren’t terribly hungry, so we just ordered off the menu.


First up were the Green Eggs and Ham, which were deviled eggs, a fresh herb vinaigrette, and pancetta. For me and Elizabeth, this was our absolute favorite thing that we ate all day. The deliciously crunchy pancetta contrasted the soft deviled egg, and the herb vinaigrette had a pesto flavor that made me die a little inside.


We also ordered the Cava Home Fries for the table, which had potato, tomato, onion, basil, and mushroom. It was essentially a satisfying mini-pile of potatoes.


I also tried the Spicy Lamb Benedict, which came with a poached egg, spicy lamb, and hollandaise sauce. It was a pretty standard eggs benedict, with a thick slice of lamb instead of ham. It wasn’t all too spicy, but still relatively flavorful.


Elizabeth tried the Breakfast Burrito, which came with chicken sage sausage, eggs, feta, tomato, onion, harissa, and a drizzle of Greek yogurt. “There were a lot of potatoes in my burrito, which was confusing since it wasn’t listed in the menu,” Elizabeth explained. “I also couldn’t taste the feta, so I was just a bit confused.”


Ilana tried the Gyro Hash, which came with beef and lamb, potato, tomato, onion, Greek yogurt, mushrooms, and a fried egg. “I also had a ton of potatoes in mine,” Ilana said of her dish.

If you ever find yourself at Cava Mezze in DC, I’d suggest going for the Bottomless Brunch, since the dishes are all extremely small. Our experience was pretty average, since half of our dishes consisted mostly of potatoes. But we didn’t try any of the sweet dishes like the french toast or waffles, so if there’s a next time, we’ll give those a shot.