Taiwan Day 3: Sun Moon Lake

阿成的家 (Mr. Cheng’s House)
Address: Somewhere on a mountain in Fu Li

Continuing onwards with our tour of Sun Moon Lake, we had lunch at a family-run restaurant, 阿成的家, which literally translates to “Mr. Cheng’s House.” It was on top

Taiwan Day 2: Sun Moon Lake

For the next two days, my family decided to join a tour group to visit Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan’s largest body of water. On the bus, we were served breakfast from 阜杭 (Fu Hang), a famous breakfast place that supposedly

Taiwan Day 1: Taipei


As you can probably gather from the title of this post, I’m in Taiwan right now! After 22 hours of travel time, with a side of 12 hour jetlag, I’ve been taking random naps throughout the day, but that’s