By Chloe

101 Seaport Blvd
Boston, MA 02210

Vegan, kosher, and ridiculously aesthetic? That’s By Chloe for you, and it’s finally made its way to Boston after being a smashing success in NYC. I’m a total sucker for trendy food, and so I was ecstatic to try this newly-opened Seaport eatery with Sonia. (Pro tip: Get in before noon to beat the weekend lunch rush). The menu was huge, and so we ordered a few things to share between the two of us.

The tl;dr of this place? A little pricey, but it’s SO SO GOOD.

First, they sell By Chloe branded coconuts for $5. They open it up for you at the counter, and you can drink it out of a straw. WHAT? I didn’t try one, but I asked the people next to me if I could take a picture of their coconut because I was so intrigued.

Anyways, onto the food we actually did order.


The sandwich was the Pesto Meatball, which were “Italian meatballs” (made out of portobello and veggies) topped with marinara, sweet peppers, pesto, cashew mozzarella, and almond parmesan on a potato sub roll. These vegan meatballs were surprisingly convincing, and the range of flavors from its unique ingredients made every single bite to die for.

Next up was a small order of Mac n’ Cheese, which was made with a sweet potato-cashew cheese sauce, shiitake bacon, and almond parmesan. Vegan mac and cheese isn’t usually on the top of my list for things to order, but these creamy bites of shell pasta may have changed my mind. “If you closed your eyes and tasted it, you’d never in a million years know that it was vegan,” Sonia said. “You would’ve just tasted this warm, creamy goodness.”

Lastly, we tried the highly recommended Quinoa Taco salad, which came with spicy seitan chorizo, black beans, corn, avocado, tomatoes, tortilla strips, crema, and an agave-lime vinaigrette. Compared to the other items we ordered, this salad was huge, and its romaine lettuce base came with a very generous scoop of quinoa. The flavors again came together beautifully, and I could barely tell that the seitan wasn’t actually meat. “Normally, I’m not a huge salad person, but this salad had so much flavor that I just enjoyed every bite,” Sonia explained. “I didn’t even feel deprived from the fact that it was a salad.” (lol)

There’s still so much of the menu that I’d still love to try, and if today’s meal was any indication of By Chloe’s quality, I’m going to have an amazing time coming back to try more. The caveat of this place is the price — it comes with your typical “trendy food tax,” which means a small sandwich will cost $10, and avocado toast will cost $9.  The salads are much more worthwhile in my opinion, with each one being around $11 for a substantial amount of food.

“Everything we ate was amazing, and I’m so excited to go back to try everything else on the menu. But I’d also love to eat everything that we ordered again,” Sonia concluded as well.