Brookline Lunch

9 Brookline St.
Cambridge, MA 02139

My friend, Jenn, is in a film-making class, and for one of her assignments, where she had to document a person or a place, she decided to document me and my food blogging adventures! So we went to Brookline Lunch, and she filmed me as I went through my food blogging process. Take a look here!

The name of this restaurant is a bit deceiving. For starters, it’s not in Brookline. It’s on Brookline Street, which is actually in Central Square. In addition to lunch options, the place has a huge selection of brunch and breakfast items. With exposed brick and a cozy atmosphere, the place felt like a diner, and I’m honestly surprised that I haven’t heard about it until now.


After some deep pondering, I finally decided to order the Atlantic Eggs Benedict, which was eggs benedict with salmon instead of Canadian bacon. I’m a huge fan of eggs benedict, and I loved this seafood twist on a classic brunch dish. The distinct sourness of the hollandaise sauce paired well with the salmon, and with a poached egg and toasted English muffin for added texture, I was quite pleased with my choice. To make it even better, it came with a huge helping of home fries and grilled vegetables on the side.


Jenn’s Western Omelet, (ham, onions, and peppers), also came on a plate filled to the brim with the omelet, toast, and home fries. “I was really impressed with how generous the portions were — not just the size but with the variety of hearty ingredients,” Jenn explained.  “My omelet reminded me of a traditional American breakfast – cozy and filling! The eggs were a little runny, but overall wonderful!”

 Overall, Brookline Lunch is such a hidden gem that I’ll be sure to come back to in the future. The prices are extremely reasonable, the food is delicious, and the portions are filling. 8/10