Bread and Cie [SD]

I’m back in Boston! But before I get back to Boston restaurants, I need to finish up blogging about my California trip. After visiting LA, I went down to San Diego to visit my old roommate Alex (she made appearance on my second blog post ever at Area Four!). We visited the zoo and lots of beaches, but we also ate great food.


Alex brought her super cool friend Camille, and we went to Bread and Cie, a wonderfully quaint café in Hillcrest. In addition to breads and sandwiches, the bistro-style eatery had a variety of pastries, teas, and coffees. I tried the Housemade Basil Pesto and Gouda Cheese Sandwich, which came with tomato, arugula, pesto, and gouda on Levain bread (a type of rustic sourdough bread). The pesto was on the bitter side, but the strong flavors of gouda and arugula balanced it out, and resulted in a fine sandwich.


Camille tried the Roasted Eggplant and Feta Cheese, which came with red onion and roasted peppers in addition to the eggplant and feta on a Black Olive bread. “I thought it was really great,” Camille explained. “The salt of feta cheese always tastes nice with sweet vegetables like peppers. I think it would have worked better as a non-sandwitch dish though, no bread could ever handle that much eggplant.” Well said, well said.


Alex got half a Roasted Turkey Breast Sandwich (with lettuce, tomato, and pepperjack cheese), and half a cup of Creamy Tomato Soup. She also got a glass of freshly pressed apple juice, which she also thoroughly enjoyed.


All in all, I’ve concluded that California has delicious food, just like Boston. Until next time..