Boston Sail Loft

80 Atlantic Ave
Boston, MA 02110

With my camera slung over one shoulder, I became a tourist Saturday afternoon with Zihan at the North End, carried along through the flow of visitors at Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall. We wound up near the harbor, and I decided that we try Boston Sail Loft for lunch—a cozy shack-looking restaurant with a beautiful view of water, seagulls, and sailboats.

I ordered the Sail Loft Cup and a Half, where I chose to have a cup of the clam chowder along with half of a chicken salad sandwich. The chowder came out in a mug filled to the brim with the thick, clam-filled goodness. Laden with flavor and speckled with spices, the chowder was not too salty, as soups often are, and it tasted even better when dipped in the complementary bread that was brought to our table. Plainly speaking, it was a good cup of clam chowder.

The chicken salad sandwich, though nothing out of the ordinary, was light and refreshing, and it complemented the clam chowder wonderfully.

Zihan tried the Lobster Mac and Cheese from the restaurant’s lunch specials menu.

Me: What did you think about it?
Zihan: Is this going on the blog?
Me: Yep.
Zihan: It was good. I’d have it again.
Me: And?
Zihan: You tried some, just say what you thought.
Me: You’re an awesome blogging buddy.

In the two bites of the mac and cheese that I sampled, there was a heavy basil undertone that blended into the creamy cheese. The lobster was tender and fresh, serving as a great complement to an otherwise classic mac and cheese.

Overall, Boston Sail Loft was a wonderful, comfortable restaurant with a gorgeous view of the harbor. I’ll surely be back for another cup of chowder one day. 8.5/10

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