Blackbird Doughnuts

492 Tremont St.
Boston, MA 02116

All the way out at the South End, Blackbird Doughnuts was hidden behind the three foot snowbanks on Tremont St. After looping around the block a couple times, my friend Rumya and I finally found the small doughnut shop tucked away near a quiet, residential neighborhood of Boston. There was a counter to order doughnuts, and a counter to grab a few napkins and water, but other than that, there was no seating—this was definitely a grab-and-go type of doughnut shop.


We each tried half of the Maple Miso Doughnut, which had an amazing maple, miso glaze that managed to be savory and sweet at the same time. The miso’s saltiness stood out more than the sweetly distinctive maple flavor, but the two flavors balanced each other perfectly to create a unique doughnut that I would not have found anywhere else. The dough itself was very risen and chewy, adding to the overall quality of the doughnut.


The Raspberry Dark Chocolate Doughnut, however, was a little stronger than I would have hoped. “The raspberry flavor overwhelmed the doughnut,” Rumya explained. “The dark chocolate only came from the few stripes on top of the raspberry glaze.” While the dough was similarly fluffy to the Maple Miso Doughnut, I wished that the raspberry glaze was as light as the glaze on the Maple Miso.

Nevertheless, Blackbird Doughnut, which only opened a few months ago, definitely has the potential to become Boston’s next great doughnut shop. With unique flavors, and a friendly staff, I hope to hear more about them in the next coming months. 7.5/10