Beantown Taqueria

245 Massachusetts Ave. | Cambridge, MA 02139

With the passage of the negative wind chill days, 30 degrees felt relatively warm. Unfortunately, I could still see my breath, so a warm plate of Mexican food seemed to be the best solution. Beantown Taqueria, located a quarter mile down Massachusetts Avenue towards Central Square, features a wide variety of Mexican food in a small, cozy setting. The term “Beantown” is one of Boston’s nicknames, coined after the city’s historic baked beans.

The eatery certainly was not modern—its handwritten menu and visibly used furniture contributed to the homey atmosphere. Divided into an “Authentic” and “Tex-Mex” section, the menu boasted a generous handful of options, all of which were around $7-$9.


For burritos, the sizes were either small (10”) or super (12”). I was a bit confused about the 2” difference necessitating a jump from “small” to “super,” but I let it go and went with a small chicken burrito with mild salsa and pinto beans. Though the burrito took under 3 minutes to arrive, from the first bite, I could tell that this was not like my average “fast-food” burrito.


“Wholesome” is the word I would use to describe it. There was no grease or oil dripping out the end, and I could not taste an excessive amount of saltiness. Furthermore, the chicken was stringy, as if it were pulled from a rotisserie chicken. Unfortunately, the word “wholesome” also extends to the lack of flavor. The chicken was slightly dry and had little to no seasoning. The mild salsa was mild in every sense of the term. And I am still unsure as to whether or not I tasted any cheese or guacamole in the burrito.


Justine was unsatisfied with her chicken enchilada. “They were very helpful with telling me the gluten-free options, but the enchilada did not have any unique flavor except for the relish. Otherwise, the chicken and the overall meal was quite boring.”

For me, the burrito was “real” in that the ingredients did not seem overly seasoned or salted, but it too was relatively bland in its overall taste. I still consider Beantown Taqueria a positive experience, but the next time I try it out, I will definitely consider ordering spicy chicken or medium salsa instead.  6.5/10