Beantown Pho and Grill

272 Newbury St.
Boston, MA 02116

The past couple weeks in Boston have been gorgeous, sunny, and all-around happy. A new Thai restaurant opened up on Newbury, so my friends and I decided to give it a taste. Although the restaurant is called Beantown Pho and Grill, none of us tried its pho. That’ll have to be a review for another time.


First, we ordered a few drinks. Though the complimentary water comes in a boring plastic cup, any other ordered beverage comes in a beautiful, glass mason jar. I got soy milk, which was pleasantly sweet. Others got Vietnamese Iced Coffee, Thai Iced Tea, Sprite, and Strawberry Smoothie with Popping Yogurt. All around, most people enjoyed their beverages, the Thai Iced Tea being the most loved. Thai Iced Tea consists of iced tea with condensed milk at the bottom, and after stirring the two together, the drink becomes light orange in color and wonderfully bittersweet to taste.


I decided to try the Chiang Mai Noodles with beef, a spicy curry stir-fried noodle dish with bean sprouts and cilantro. The thick curry sauce added a burst of flavor to the crispy noodle bed, reminiscent of a Thai curry with sweet undertones. Especially with the distinct taste of cilantro, the dish was a perfect combination of savory and spicy.


Jessica and Jenn both ordered the Mi Hoanh Thanh, an egg noodle soup with shrimp and pork wontons, and scallions, onions, and cilantro on top. Both agreed that the portion size of the soup was generous, Jessica not even finishing half of it. “The wontons were tasty,” Jessica explained. “But they did have a different consistency than what I’m used to.” Jenn told me that the broth “was wonderful—especially with a bit of Sriracha sauce in it. I would’ve liked the noodles more if they weren’t so thin in stringy though.”


Kevin ordered the Tom Yum Noodle Soup, which included chicken, shrimp, and flat rice noodles in a spicy coconut milk broth. “Even though I’m not a fan of wide noodles, I still enjoyed the soup,” he said. “The chicken and shrimp were a fantastic combination, and the broth itself had a balanced flavor. I wish it were slightly more spicy, but I still enjoyed it anyways.”


David D. tried the Beantown Teriyaki Chicken, served with rice and vegetables. He didn’t say much except that the chicken was tender and that the portion was generous.


David Z. had even less to say about his Crispy Chicken Basil, insisting that I let the world know that the “crispiness of the chicken was especially crispy.”

Overall, Beantown Pho and Grill is a delicious new Thai restaurant with a huge menu and a friendly wait staff that I hope to encounter again in the future! 8.5/10

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