Bar Mezzana

There’s always time for brunch! Last weekend, I headed over to the South End with Elizabeth, her family, and Michael to Bar Mezzana. The area is up-and-coming, and the old Boston Herald building is now a block of trendy eateries and high-end apartments. Bar Mezzana has only been open since June 2016, and its “Coastal Italian” cuisine includes an eclectic brunch menu with spaghetti, crudo, burgers, eggs, and everything in between.


We started off with a Gianduja Cornet (above) and a Ham and Cheese Cornet (below). These cornets were essentially croissants, and the gianduja version (sweet hazelnut chocolate) was essentially a Nutella croissant, and it’s really hard to go wrong with Nutella and buttery dough.


We also shared the Ricotta and Peperonata Crostini (below), which was a delicious combination of peppers and onions on a toasty base. Below below, we have the Eggplant, Chili and Honey Crostini, whose eggplant was mashed used as a spread! I thoroughly enjoyed both of these crostinis with their unique combination of flavors.



I tried the Grilled Octopus (above), which came with potatoes, salsa verde, and pole beans. Although the octopus and potatoes were the same color, they (thankfully) had different tastes and textures, with the octopus being incredibly tender. It was slightly too greasy for my liking, but the combination of octopus and potatoes for brunch was definitely a new experience for me.


Elizabeth tried the Root Vegetable Salad, which came with pepitas, ricotta salata, and mint. “It was delish!” she explained.


Michael tried the Soft Scrambled Egg, Chive, and Caviar (below), which came beautifully plated with four small squares of toasted ciabatta on the side. “The crunchy texture of the toasted ciabatta, bead-like texture of the caviar, and smoothness of the soft scrambled eggs — cooked exactly just enough, and no longer — made my morning,” Michael beamed.


Elizabeth’s dad tried the Egg Sandwich (above), which came bodega-style with fries and greens.


Lastly, we have Emilia’s Dry-Aged Burger, which came with taleggio, onion, mustard, and pickle.

I’d be interested in trying Bar Mezzana’s dinner menu next time — its brunch menu had such a variety of items that it was hard for me to say, “Yes, this is what coastal Italian food tastes like.” Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a new brunch spot, check this one out!